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Sound Excellent. It's right there at the top of each web page. The sound system is the center of all events, and therefore we make no compromises. We've made the investment in the highest-quality equipment and invite you to hear the difference.

But we go even further. Good equipment is nothing without good people. We are proud to have crews that are as professional as you are. We understand how important your image is to your clients, and we subscribe to the same philosophy.

Whatever sound requirements you have, we cover it. 

Outdoor Stage with Line Array Speakers

L'Acoustics Line-Array sound system: K2 Kara Kiva II ARCS 

Digico SD9 DRack, Avid Profile SC48, Midas Pro2 & M32 audio mixing consoles

Shure ULXD or Axient wireless microphones and PSM900 PSM1000 in-ear monitors

Waves Extreme Server Multirack Plugins

Additional microphones and direct boxes including:

Radial JDI and J48, Shure Beta 91 and Beta 52, KSM137, KSM27, Sennheiser e604, 421, Countryman, Audio Technica, AKG, Whirlwind, RF Venue and more.


Captivate Productions - Live Sound Company in Columbus, Ohio
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